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Having Trouble Losing Weight? 5 Reasons Walking Works

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There are many reasons why walking works when you're trying to lose weight. Walking is a good stress reliever; it's also convenient. You can adjust the intensity of your walks depending on your mood and fitness level. If you consider working out a lonely endeavor, a daily walk might be the way for you to have the company of friends or relatives while exercising.

1. The Fun of Walking

If you're having trouble losing weight because the thought of regular visits to the gym do not appeal to you, walking might be the answer. Walking works if what you're after is a fun form of exercise. When you walk, you can engage your senses in your surroundings. Walking around a lake, along the beach, up a green hill or through a trail are all ways that you can enjoy yourself while getting exercise.

2. Walking as a Social Activity

You might find it difficult to go to the gym alone or to exercise at home with no one around. While it might not be so easy to convince a friend to join your gym or to come over to exercise to a DVD with you, an invitation to go for a walk is one that people often say yes to. Whether you are walking around your neighborhood or deciding that you will walk three miles together, walking works as a fun and social fitness activity.

3. Walking Reduces Stress

Some fitness exercises can increase your stress level. The thought of the extra stress might keep you from exercising consistently. Walking has a relaxing effect on your body and your mind. It is an activity that you can do without putting unnecessary pressure on your muscles and joints. Because of its simplicity, your mind can relax. The relaxing effect of walking is also helpful for reducing incidences of emotional eating, which often result from excess stress, worry or anxiety.

4. The Convenience of Walking

If you're more likely to skip exercise because it's time-consuming to drive to the gym or to get dressed and mentally prepared for a yoga or aerobics class, you might enjoy the convenience of walking. Walking works because it's simple. You can do it anywhere, in your neighborhood, near your place of work, near your children's school or even in the mall. You also have the convenience of walking on your own schedule, as opposed to exercising according to gym hours or the aerobics class schedule.

5. The Adjustable Intensity of Walking

Walking works for weight loss because you can adjust the intensity of your workout. If you are just starting out, you can start off slowly and set benchmarks for increasing your fitness level. You might start by walking a few blocks and increase your distance daily. Once you are in a daily flow, you might choose to intensify your workout by walking up hills or walking the same distance more quickly. You can also add hand weights or ankle weights to your walk to increase your heart rate and burn more calories.

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