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Got Fat Thighs? Try These 7 Toning Exercises

Fitday Editor

If you tend to carry your weight below the waist, fat thighs have probably been a real challenge. The body has its unique locations to store fat. In women it is especially difficult due to child bearing genes. Women usually store fat in the thighs, buttocks and hips to prepare to feed the body, and a potential fetus, in case of emergency survival. Sugar, alcohol, trans-fats and carbohydrates are a few of the culprits that almost guarantee fat thighs. Therefore, starting off with an intense cardio program before attempting any toning workout is essential. That means committing to such exercises as running, spinning, swimming or elliptical training. Commit to four to six sessions a week at forty to fifty minutes per session. Do this, combined with reducing the above mentioned foods, for three weeks, and then give these fat thigh toning exercises a try.

NOTE: Check with you doctor if you are concerned about any possible contradicting health issue you may have such as weak knees, hypertension or diabetes.

  1. Stationary Lunges - Stand straight up, bend your knees, step and lean forward while the back leg relaxes. All your weight is on the front leg. Hold this position counting backwards from eight. Stand straight up again and switch to the opposite leg. This is one set. Start, everyday, with three sets working your way up to six.

  2. Walking Lunges - As you walk, do the above action but do not stop and hold your position. As you walk, bend at the waist, lunge one leg forward, then lunge the next leg. Do this starting at five minutes with a goal of getting to twenty minutes.

  3. Leg Lift and Hold - Lie on your back, keep your knees and ankles together, lift about a hands length off the ground and hold while counting backwards from eight. Lift and hold again but this time two hand lengths off the ground. Go back to the first one and start over. This is one set. Rest periods should also be held for a backwards count of eight. Do six to eight sets.

  4. Leg Lift and Scissor - Do the same routine as above however, instead of holding, point your toes and quickly alternate crossing each leg over then under the other. Do this for count of twenty for one set. Do six to eight sets.

  5. Leg Lift and Circle - This leg lift is for each leg alone. Lift as described above however this time you will point your toe and make clockwise and counterclockwise circles. Twenty each for a set. Do six to eight sets.

  6. Inner Thigh Squeeze - Wedge a large enough ball or strong, soft object between your thighs, just below the pubic area. Squeeze for a backwards count of ten. Do six to eight sets.

  7. Pulse Run - You will need a track, field or safe pavement area for this routine. Start in a squat and run full speed for fifty steps. Be sure to pump your arms and keep your chest leaning forward. When you stop, stand on one foot for four seconds and then the other for four seconds. Repeat. Try for fifteen then thirty minute sessions.

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