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Get a Workout While You Catch 'Em All With Pokémon GO

A wild workout appears!

It's hard to think of a video game as being an effective way to work out! After all, most video games involve many hours spent sitting on your couch or chair, doing nothing but clicking buttons. But not with Pokemon Go! You'll find that you can get an amazing workout just by playing the game the right way.

Pokemon Go is designed to get you out of the house, as that's the only way to find all the Pokemon you want. But the fact that it gets you up and moving around means you're doing a workout — even while you play the game.

With Pokemon Go, you have to wander around in order to find Pokemon. The more you wander, the greater your chance of finding rare and higher-value Pokemon. But you can't just drive around the city all day long. You have to actually get out of your car and walk to the places where the Pokemon are. This means you're spending a lot more time on your feet!

If you play Pokemon Go all day long (in between your work and home life requirements), you'll find yourself walking A LOT more than you used to. You can easily knock out those 10,000 steps per day just by spending an hour or two a day gaming. Even if you never make it to the gym but make it a priority to explore your Pokemon city map as much as possible, you can get a pretty killer cardio workout.

Here's the fun part: running to try to beat another player to that 3-star Pokemon! You'll find there are only a few of these higher-value Pokemon in any given area, so it means you'll need to reach the spot before anyone else does. The more you run, the faster you will find the Pokemon, and the higher the chance you'll reach it first.

But to catch Pokemon, you'll need to pause at PokeStops to earn the various items needed to catch the Pokemon. That means going out of your way to reach those PokeStops, and getting back on track once you're ready to go hunting again. This will help you to add even more steps to your workout, keeping you always on the move.

Think of Pokemon Go as a form of digital "birdwatching," which can never be done from the comfort of your couch, backyard, or car. To actually succeed at the game, you have to get out of your house and move around. The more you walk and run, the greater your chance of catching all the Pokemon. This, of course, means you have a greater chance of getting fit and in excellent shape.

Is Pokemon Go the best workout? Definitely not, but it's an awesome way to add a bit more activity and movement into your daily routine. By spending more time walking around hunting Pokemon, you can avoid the metabolism-slowing effects of sitting on your couch and doing nothing. It's a great addition to any fitness plan!

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