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Eating and Exercise: How to Properly Schedule Your Day

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Eating and exercise actually go hand in hand when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition and working out can provide a real weight loss solution to those who are tired of trying diet and diet only to fail again. Instead of relying on a specific diet to lose weight and to keep it off, consider making a lifestyle change.

Eating healthy foods can be delicious and filling and working out can be fun and exhilarating among other things, so it's only natural to incorporate both techniques when making a healthy lifestyle change. Being able to implement both healthy eating and exercise into your day is easy to do if you use a few tips and tricks. You don't have to turn your schedule upside down in order to reap the rewards of your new healthy lifestyle; you just have to make a few adjustments.

Start Your Day Right

Begin every morning with a healthy, nutritious and tasty breakfast, and you'll give your body the energy it needs in order to function properly throughout the day. It will also keep you full until lunch, and it will give you the mental motivation you need to stay on track all day long.

If you follow up your breakfast with some exercise, you will rev up your metabolism and burn more fat, and you'll boost your energy level for the day too. Shoot for a thirty minute session of exercise each morning. You can also use a workout DVD or watch your favorite morning show while you're on the treadmill. If you don't have a lot of time in the morning, consider a quick ten minute session on the Wii or jumping rope before you jump in the shower.

Get Active at Lunch

Instead of lounging around after you eat a healthy lunch, use the time to get a little exercise in. Take a leisurely walk around the block or get up and stretch if you don't have time to leave your desk. Proper eating and exercise is important to focus on throughout the day, so lunch time is the perfect time to make sure all your bases are covered. If you work with friends, consider putting together a walking club during lunch. It's a great time to chat and have a good time while getting active.

Don't Lose Motivation in the Evening

After a long day of work, it's easy to find the easiest things to throw together for dinner or to even order something to be delivered. This kind of food can leave you feeling run down. Planning ahead and preparing some things in advance can really help to make it easier to get a healthy dinner on the table. For example, you can prepare casseroles, rice and even pasta dishes on Sunday and freeze them for the week. You can also prepare double batches of salad mixes and side dishes that can be used for the next day.

Eating and exercise is important every day of the week, so instead of depriving yourself of the foods you love all week then indulging on the weekends, eat the things you love in moderation a couple times a week or find healthy ways of creating your own versions at home. And, instead of saving up all your workout sessions for Sunday, spread it out throughout the week so you'll feel energized and motivated every day.

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