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Ball Workouts for Beginners

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Ball workouts are quite popular exercises nowadays. If you are tired of your usual workout, then exercise balls are great fitness tools that you can incorporate into your routine. Exercise balls are also a great choice because they can help you tone your entire body. If this is your first time working with an exercise ball, here is a guide to some ball workouts for beginners that you can try to strengthen your core.

Ball Circles

Ball circles are good exercises if you're a beginner since they help you get used to balancing yourself on the ball while helping you work your abs. To begin, sit on the exercise ball. Both your feet should be flat on the floor with your legs pressed together. You can maintain your balance by placing both hands on the surface of the ball or placing them behind your head. Once you are properly balanced on the ball, start rotating your hips towards the right direction. Start with slow and small circles. As you get the hang of this exercise, you can then proceed to bigger circles. Whenever you roll the ball forward, make sure that you contract or tighten your abs. Do 20 circles each for the right and left direction.

Ball Walks

The ball walk is another fun and simple exercise that you can try on your new exercise ball. Begin with the same position as in the ball circle, with your feet flat on the floor and your hands on the ball or behind your head. Next, contract your abs as you begin to take slow steps forward. While you are doing this, your back will naturally slide down the ball. Continue stepping forward until you are in a bridge position. This means that your back is parallel to the floor, your hips are lifted and only your head, neck and shoulders are being supported by the ball. Begin stepping backward until you are back in your starting position. Do at least 10 repetitions of this exercise.

Ball Squats

Ball squats will improve your endurance and will also help tone your thighs. To do this exercise, you need to place your exercise ball against a wall where you can lean against it. The ball should be pressed against the low part of your back. To make sure that the ball is fully supporting your weight, take little steps forward until you feel comfortable as your feet are about a hip-width apart. Next, slowly bend your knees and squat down. Try to go as low as you can without exceeding 90 degrees. A squat where your thighs are parallel to the floor is good enough. Hold the position for awhile before rising slowly back up. Do about 15 repetitions.

Seated March

The seated march is a great exercise to get your leg muscles pumping. Begin by sitting on the ball with your back straight and your abs in. Place both hands behind your head. Next, lift your feet alternately, creating a slow march. Once you get more comfortable with the exercise, increase the speed of your marching and lift your knees higher. Do this exercise for a whole minute or two.

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