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After Exercise Recovery: Cooling Down Properly

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The after exercise recovery is essential in any good workout plan. Speeding your recovery from the effects of a workout is integral to your capacity to train for longer periods of time. Many people who engage in frequent exercise routines do not have an effective plan for after exercise recovery, which is unfortunate. The reason you should recover properly after any exercise is to build strength and repair any muscle or tissue you have have exerted during the workout. Since muscles and tissues need anywhere from 1 to 2 days to recover after a workout, exercising too soon without properly recovering leads to the undesirable consequence of breaking them down instead of building them up.

Actually Cooling Down

When some folks hear the phrase "cooling down," they often misread that as a command to stop the exercise entirely and abruptly. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, cooling down from an exercise simply means slowing down the pace of your exercise instead of abruptly ending your workout right on the spot. You are advised to still continue moving at a low intensity for 5 to 10 minutes after your actual exercise, so that your muscles can shed lactic acid and thus reduce muscle stiffness. The whole concept of cooling down after an exercise is also more beneficial during cooler temperatures, or when you want to do another workout later on in the same day.

Actually Rest

Since just giving yourself time is one of the most proven ways to convalesce after an injury, this is also one of the best ways to pursue for exercise recovery. Your natural recuperative powers have a stunning ability to take care of your body if you just give it the proper time. If you wait and rest after an exercise, you stand to have a better chance at a more effective recovery from the workout. While this recommendation should not be the only thing you do after any exercise, simply resting promotes natural recovery and repair to occur in your body at its own pace.

Replace Your Lost Fluids

Another great way to help yourself cool down properly is by replacing the lost fluids from your hard-working exercise session. After exercising, just drink some water since it naturally supports every nutrient transfer and metabolic process inside your body. This recommendation to replace your lost fluids is even more significant if you're an endurance athlete who has spent a long time sweating during an exercise session.

Do Some Stretching

Some people may misguidedly associate stretching with a strictly pre-exercise routine, but stretching after your exercise works wonders for after exercise recovery. In fact, stretching is the most important thing you should do after exercising, if you only do one thing. Stretching after an exercise session promotes your muscles' ability to repair and rebuild themselves, resulting in after exercise recovery.

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