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Ab Workouts in the Pool

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Some people choose to perform their exercise in the pool for a change, while others perform them in the pool on a daily basis. Your abdominal muscles are your core muscles and are important for your posture and to prevent back problems. There are a number of ab workouts that you can perform in the pool.

Walking in Water

Choose the shallower end of the pool and make sure you can touch the bottom of the pool (and all your body is below water except for your head). Start your workout by walking from one side to the other of the pool. As you get used to walking, start lifting one of your legs until you reach the level of the abs. Alternate your legs. While you lift your legs, make sure you tighten your abdominal muscles. Always make sure that your back is straight so that it is protected.

You can lift your legs at a slower or a faster rate. When you perform slow movements, you will focus on working the muscles, while if you perform faster moves, these will make your heart beat faster and help you eliminate abdominal fat.

Lifting Legs to the Chest

Pull ups can be performed in the water as well and they can be ideal to work your abs. Choose a side of the shallow end of the pool and turn your back to the rim. Look for a wall to grab and straighten your arms while you try to lift both legs to the chest at the same time.

Perform slower and faster lifts and make sure you do at least 10 lifts. Keep your abs tight for the whole time, but don't forget to breathe. For more of a challenging workout, you can lift your leg and hold it in this position for a few seconds and then start moving it from left to right or perform circular moves with the leg in the water. Perform 10 circles and then change the direction of the moves. Do the same with the other leg as well.

Kickboard Exercises

Hold the kickboard with your hands facing the water. Do some stroke kicks, making sure you tighten your abdominal muscles. Make sure your body is as close to the surface as possible. Turn on your back and do some backstroke kicks, focusing on tightening your abs and trying to keep your body just 1 inch below the water.

Jumping in Water

Go to the kids pool or if there is an end of the pool where the water is just below your knees. You should start walking slowly and then pick up the pace, until you are nearly running. Then try to perform a few jumps, keeping your abs tight the whole time. Try jumping as high as you can, but pay attention not to hurt your feet.

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