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9 Fun Exercises You Can Do With Kids

Just because you're on kid duty, that doesn't mean you can't get in a workout!

Kids love to feel like they're doing "adult stuff" so you may be able to entice them to join you in your workout. Here are a few of the best exercises to do with kids so you both can fit in a bit of training.

  • Push-Ups – Your kids may surprise you with their strength! Kids can often do more push-ups than adults. They can do them on their knees or on their feet, according to their ability. Don't worry if they don't have the form just right — they'll still get a good workout alongside you.
  • Squats – For a lower body workout, it doesn't get better than this. Squats are the best for building quads, hamstrings, and glutes, and they help to strengthen your kids' lower backs. They can do bodyweight squats or hold cans or bags of rice.
  • Planks – This is great for helping to build core muscles, which are vital for strong, agile children. See if they can hold the Plank as long as you, and turn it into a game by challenging them to hold out as long as possible.
  • Crunches – This is an easy exercise that pretty much any child can do, regardless of their physical condition. It takes zero effort to learn to do crunches properly, and it's an excellent core workout. Make sure they don't do sit-ups, though, as sit-ups can be hard on their backs.
  • Lunges – This is another excellent lower body movement, and you can't help but laugh as your little boy or girl does lunges beside you. It's a simple exercise that any child can do. You may have to help them keep their balance, though.
  • Burpees – If your kids have a lot of energy to work out, this is the movement that will get them tired in no time. You can do the basic Burpee without the push-up: squat, jump their feet back, jump their feet forward, stand, and jump into the air. Have them do a few dozen of these, and they'll be ready for a nap or some quiet time.
  • Mountain Climbers – Turn this one into a race to see who can "climb the mountain the fastest." It's another great core and upper body workout they can do easily, and it will be a whole lot of fun for them.
  • Gorilla Walk – This is a surprisingly good core movement, but one that will have them laughing. With this movement, they place their fists and feet flat on the floor, then move each leg and arm at the same time (right foot and right-hand moves, then left foot and left-hand moves).
  • Bear Crawl – This is a surprisingly challenging core movement that will have their abs burning! Have them start on their hands and knees, then lift their knees to walk on their hands and feet. This is a fun exercise that works the entire body.

Little kids can make the best exercise partners! You'll have to make it fun for them, but you can encourage them to work out alongside you so you can fit in your daily training at home.

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