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80s and 90s Workout Videos That Still Make You Sweat

Before there were INSANITY and Tracy Anderson DVD collections to work out to in the comfort of your own home, there were workout videos of another era to get your blood pumping. If you love Zumba then you’ll love some of the original workout videos from the 80s and 90s. The spandex outfits have passed back into vogue so you can get some fashion inspiration while you workout and the moves still help you lose weight and slim down, years after they’ve peaked. Grab your legwarmers and high cut leotard and then head to a thrift store or YouTube to find some of the following celebrity workout tapes.

Jane Fonda shared her secrets to looking being crazy fit even as she managed to grow older under the sharp eye of Hollywood.

She started her fitness guru career with fitness studios in Hollywood, long before barre studios were everywhere. She then transitioned to fitness videos. The re-release of the workouts a few years back is a testament to how well the routines work. It also makes it easier to find them and get in on the action yourself.

The Original Buns of Steel back in the 80s was so successful that it spawned a new pop culture phrase and a fascination with a tight rear end.

Goofy getups aside, word has it that the buns of steel workout will have your backside burning and you giggling in no time.

Sweat to the Oldies with Richard Simmons, the best cheer coach of all time.

Although you can work up a sweat, if you already work out, you’ll probably find the routines fairly easy and better for a recovery day or if you’ve had an injury. If you’re just getting started, the routines are the perfect way to ease your way into tougher workouts.

And if you’re into real world retro, try finding a Jazzercise class near you, they still exist!

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