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6 Ways to Stop Watching Too Much TV and Exercise

Fitday Editor
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If you're like most Americans and many people throughout other countries, you feel that you spend time watching too much TV. While watching TV is not necessarily bad for your health in and of itself, it does encourage some negative behaviors and discourage ones that are positive for your health. It therefore can predispose you to unhealthy choices.

In order to stop watching too much TV and keep up with your exercise program, there are a few things that you can do to encourage yourself. Read on for some basic tips on how to stop watching more TV than you should and begin to exercise more regularly.

1. Give Yourself a Limit

Many people follow a large number of different television shows and keep up with them regularly. This can be difficult when it comes to turning off the television and getting some exercise. Counteract this tendency by limiting the number of shows that you watch. You can also limit the amount of time that you spend with the TV on in your home each day. To help make this process easier, gradually cut back on your TV viewing so that you don't find yourself bored.

2. Watch Recorded TV Only

By using TiVo, DVR or another method of recording your television programs, you can watch them without having to sit through the commercials. This can cut out nearly a full third of the time you'll spend watching most shows on regular network television stations.

3. Exercise First

If you have a goal to get a certain amount of exercise in a day, ensure that you don't watch the TV until you're through with your workout. This will force you to prioritize the exercise in order to be able to watch television and will help to prevent you from losing focus by sitting in front of the TV for many hours at a time.

4. Combine TV and Exercise

Consider joining a gym that has televisions to watch while you exercise. This will allow you to incorporate both at the same time. You can also purchase an exercise machine or less expensive exercise equipment (free weights, a weight bench, a stability ball, a yoga mat, etc.) for your home. This will help to free up more time for doing other things.

5. Get Out of the House

If you find that you spend time at home watching too much TV, consider only watching when you're out at a friend's house or in another location. You can help to motivate yourself to get out of the house by joining a gym for your exercise program as well.

6. Get Rid of It

If you want to make a dramatic shift in your lifestyle, consider selling or donating your TV and eliminating it from your home altogether. This will provide you with the opportunity to do a number of other things with your free time.

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