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6 Summer Outdoor Fitness Activities

Fitday Editor

There are many outdoor fitness activities you can choose from to help you stay in shape during the summer months. Try to find activities that not only improve your fitness, but are enjoyable as well. If you are able to get a group of friends together, you can try some team sports or activities. Before you decide to participate in an outdoor activity that is dangerous, make sure you understand all of the risks involved. Do not attempt an activity just because your friends recommend it; decide for yourself if the risk is worth the fun that you will have.

1. Swimming

Swimming is a popular fitness activity to try during the hot summer months. Swim in a pool, lake or at the shore. Swimming in a clear water source such as a pool is much safer than swimming in a lake or the ocean. If you are a novice swimmer, do not attempt to swim in an area where there is no lifeguard on duty.

2. Hiking

Hiking is a fun outdoor fitness activity to try during the summer. If you are not an experienced hiker, make sure you do some research on the danger of the activity. You will need to have the proper attire when you go on a hike, including comfortable footwear that also protects your feet and ankles during the hike. Try to go hiking with a group of friends, and if you are uncomfortable with any part of the climb, do not be afraid to call it a day.

3. Bicycling

Bicycling is a fitness activity you can do by yourself or with a group of friends. Besides a bike, you will need a helmet, water bottle and the appropriate cycling attire. Before you attempt a bike ride, make sure to know the route you intend to travel. You do not want to go too far, since you still have to pedal your way back home.

4. Badminton

Playing badminton is a great way to stay in shape during the summer. If you play a game of one-on-one, you will exert yourself more than you will during a game of doubles. All you need is the proper equipment and a backyard to set up the net. The longer you play, the more calories you will burn.

5. Frisbee

To get a good workout playing Frisbee, you will need some space. Try throwing a Frisbee at a park or vacant ball field. If you are able, gather a small group of friends to toss the Frisbee around. You can then play a game of Ultimate Frisbee, which has rules that are vaguely similar to football.

6. Beach Volleyball

Playing a game of beach volleyball will work on a variety of different muscles. Not only will your arms and legs get a good workout during the activity, but you can improve your stamina as well. Some people build a beach volleyball court in their backyard, so they can enjoy the sport without having to travel to the beach.

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