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6 Stealthy Moves to Tone Up at Work

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Time to throw out your excuses for not fitting exercise time into your busy work schedule! You can tone up while on the phone, answering emails, or doing paperwork at your desk--without people even knowing.

Simple exercises throughout the day will not only help keep your body toned, but they will even help you become more energized and alert. So, try these stealthy exercises periodically throughout your day when possible.

Stealthy Move #1: Trade in Your Chair for an Exercise Ball

Sitting on an exercise ball rather than a chair can have many positive effects on your body. It will help your stability and posture, while strengthening your core muscles because your abs have to constantly contract to keep your body from hitting the floor. Sitting on a ball will also keep you moving throughout the day, instead of relaxing in a chair, and motivate you to do quick exercises while waiting on the phone.

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Stealthy Move #2: Buttocks Squeeze

This very simple exercise will give you a firm and a perkier bum, without anyone having a clue you're exercising a muscle. All you have to do is flex your buttocks together, hold for a couple seconds and release.

Stealthy Move #3: Calf Raise

To tone your calves while sitting at your desk, make sure your back is straight and your feet are shoulder width apart with your toes pointing forward. Then raise your heals unilaterally off the ground while constantly flexing your calves. Your toes should always stay on the floor.

Stealthy Move #4: Shin Flexes

Many people forget about working their shins, but working them out is important because it helps prevent shin splints, especially with runners. While sitting at your desk, make sure your back is straight and both feet are on the floor, with your toes pointing forward. Unilaterally flex your toes on each foot while bringing them towards your body. Make sure to keep your heels on the ground.

Stealthy Move #5: Leg Lifts

While sitting at your desk, leg lifts can easily be done to tone your quadriceps. Sit with your back straight and your toes pointing forward. Lift each foot one at a time, while flexing your foot, to make a straight line with your leg. Then return to the starting position.

Stealthy Move #6: Bicep Curls

When you are on the phone at your desk, try firming up your arms with bicep curls. Grab a paper weight off your desk and hold it in one hand. Next, bring your hand to your shoulder, keeping your elbow glued to your side. Then return to the starting position.

Try doing each exercise for a minute, instead of counting out repetitions. By doing this, you will be able to stay focused on your office work and carry on a phone conversation.

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