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5 Ways to Reward Yourself After Significant Weight Loss

Fitday Editor

If you want to lose weight successfully, you need to reward yourself whenever you achieve significant weight loss. A good reward system can do wonders to help you stay motivated throughout your weight loss program, because it makes your attempt to lose weight more focused and purposeful. By concentrating on the rewards that you will get at the end of your struggle, you will be inspired to overcome all the temptations and negative thoughts that can hinder weight loss. Here are 5 ways that you can reward yourself after you have lost a significant amount of weight.

1) Buy a New Dress

One of the main benefits of weight loss is that it can make you look slimmer and more attractive. As such, the best way to celebrate weight loss is to buy a new dress to show off your leaner and meaner figure. You can wear your new dress to a dance club or a party, and you can be assured that you will get encouraging comments from your friends. When you reward yourself with a new and smaller dress, you will be truly convinced that your weight loss efforts are effective, and you will be motivated to stay faithful to your program.

2) Get a Mini Makeover

Other than getting a new dress, you may also want to do a mini makeover to complement your leaner figure. You can change your hairstyle or hair color or change your makeup. With a mini makeover, you can create a fresh new identity and improve your self-esteem.

3) Pamper Yourself With a Good Massage

When you are exercising on a regular basis to lose weight, your muscles may become stressed over time. One way to reduce stress in your muscles is to go for a good massage. A massage does not only help you relax physically; it can also relieve mental stress and help you stay focused on your weight loss plans. Losing weight can be a stressful endeavor, and it is a good idea to reward yourself with a massage once in a while.

4) Take Part in Outdoor Activities

Another way that you can reward yourself after significant weight loss is to take part in outdoor activities. You can take a break from your stressful lifestyle by spending a weekend hiking or biking with your family members or friends. Outdoor activities will not only provide good exercise; they can also reduce the mental and emotional stress that comes with losing weight.

5) Buy a New Exercise DVD

After watching and practicing the same exercises for a few weeks, you may want to get a new exercise DVD. Buying a new exercise DVD is a great reward for successful weight loss, because it will make your exercise regime more interesting. You can purchase an exercise DVD for training parts of the body that you did not work on previously, so that you can develop well-toned muscles throughout your body.

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