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5 Surprising Benefits of the Bar Method

Fitday Editor

The Bar Method is one of the most exciting and most popular new workouts to hit the gym. By combining elements of yoga, Pilates and even ballet, the Bar Method offers you a great way to get back into shape. There's plenty of movement involved when you use the Bar Method, but, unlike running or jogging, there's very little impact placed on your body. So you're less likely to get injured while doing the Bar Method. But like running, jogging, swimming and a host of other activities, you can get your body in terrific shape by doing the Bar Method at the gym.

Like yoga or Pilates, the Bar Method is usually performed by an entire class and features a range of stretches and movements that focus around bars that line the room. If you've ever seen a ballet studio that's surrounded by mirrors and bars, you can probably imagine what the Bar Method entails. The great thing about the Bar Method is that it has a ton of benefits for your body. Here are 5 of them.

1. Improved Flexibility

Because you're using certain elements of yoga, the Bar Method will help you to improve your flexibility after just a few sessions. The Bar Method includes plenty of stretching and lots of motions where you will be required to hold a certain pose or stretch. This will help your muscles stretch better and will improve the flexibility throughout your body. Don't be surprised if you can maneuver your body in completely new ways as a result of using the Bar Method.

2. Better Posture

Again, like yoga, you are required to hold some poses and stretches when you are in a Bar Method class. You will need to keep your shoulders back and make sure that your spine is aligned properly. These types of movements will help you improve your posture over time. By completing more and more of the movements involved with the Bar Method, you'll naturally work your posture back into the correct position.

3. A New Routine

Running, jogging, walking and even swimming can start to get a little boring over time. The Bar Method is a completely new method of training for your body and there are so many variations of it that you will not get bored quickly. When you are into a workout, you'll give it your best and maximize your results. The Bar Method is perfect for switching up your routine.

4. Muscle Tone

Through all the stretching and pushing and pulling that you'll do during the Bar Method, you will notice that your muscles, specifically in your arms and legs, will become more toned.

5. Minimized Chance of Injuries

Because there is no impact involved with the Bar Method, you are not likely to get injured like you might if you stick to running.

These are just some of the benefits that you can receive by trying out the Bar Method. It's an excellent way to spice up your workouts and get yourself back into shape.

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