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5 Strength Training Tips for Killer Thighs

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It doesn't matter if you are just beginning an exercise program or have been working out for awhile, there are strength training tips you can use to trim your thighs. Whether you are looking to tone the muscle or simply lose weight and inches, it's typical for women to struggle with the thigh area. However, following some simple tips will help you achieve your goal.

Tip #1: Keep up the Cardio

The worst thing you can do when you are trying to trim and strengthen your thighs is to cut down or quit doing cardiovascular exercises. A basic cardio routine, including running, jogging or walking, is actually one of the best things you can do to build muscle in your legs, increase bone mass and lose inches of fat.

Tip #2: Add Lunges to Your Routine

If you are not already doing lunges as part of your regular workout routine, you should include them. Lunges are a basic exercise with a lot of impact on the muscles of the back of the legs, which are the hamstrings, and the muscles of the bottom. You can start by doing a basic lunge and adding variety when you have incorporated solidly into your routine. The lunge is a simple large step forward with your hands on your hips and a lunge down and back up. One variation is to add hand weights.

Tip #3: Add Squats to Your Routine

Another vital exercise that should be a regular part of your thigh strengthening routine is the squat. This is a simple move that involves keeping your hands on your waist with your legs shoulder width apart. Squat down as you would when you are sitting on a chair, keeping your upper body straight. Then stand back up. Variations of this exercise can also be done to emphasize certain effects. For instance, if you prefer to work on inner thigh strength, stand with your feet at a wider stance.

Tip #4: Take the Stairs

Whenever you have the opportunity to take the stairs, do it. You can also use the stair stepper machine at the gym or even the stairs in your own home. The point is to use the muscles of the leg and thigh to climb the stairs over and over again. There are variations to stair stepping as well. You can climb up backwards and go down forward or vice versa. This will work different sets of muscles. You can step up the stairs sideways, crossing over as you walk up. You can stay at the bottom of the staircase and use the first step as an aerobic step 'machine'. Adding ankle weights will help also.

Tip #5: Dance

A great way to strengthen the muscles of your thighs is to dance. It doesn't matter what type of dance, as long as your legs are moving. Some ballet moves, such as plies, work extremely well.

The point to strengthening your thighs is to utilize the muscles. If you are looking for toned thighs and not bulk, then you need to stay away from the heavy weights at the gym. If you enjoy using the weight machines, do higher repetitions with lighter weights.

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