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4 Ways to Lose Weight With a Pedometer

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A pedometer is a piece of exercise equipment that can be used to track the total distance traveled and calories burned during each exercise session in which is it worn. This is a great tool for individuals who are trying to lose weight, because it can help you determine how close or far you are to the total number of calories you are required to cut from your diet in order to achieve your weight loss results per day. For best results, be sure to program your pedometer to your individual stride length.

Start a Walking Program

One of the best ways that you can lose weight with a pedometer is to start a walking program. Walking is a great form of exercise because it typically does not require any special equipment, and can be done by almost anyone, anywhere. To lose weight with a pedometer while participating in a walking program, be sure to check your pedometer after each exercise session to determine the total number of calories that you burned. In order to lose one pound of fat per day, you must cut out at least 500 calories per day, either through exercise, diet, or a combination of both.

Start a Jogging Program

Participating in a jogging program is another great way to help you lose weight with a pedometer. As with walking, check your pedometer after each exercise session in order to determine your total number of burned calories. In order to achieve optimal results with a jogging program, be sure to start slowly and gradually work your way up. Research has found that adding more than a 10 percent increase in total exercise time and/or intensity per week can result in serious injury or boredom.

Go for a Hike

If walking or jogging isn't really your thing, consider going on a hike while using your pedometer to lose weight. Hiking is great because it is a two for one--this form of exercise is guaranteed to give you a great cardiovascular workout, but climbing over rocks, tree trucks, and hills is also a great strength training exercise. Strength training may not provide as much immediate benefit when it comes to weight loss as cardiovascular exercise can, but it may actually be better in the long run. Research has found that the more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolic rate. And the higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you will burn over the course of a day!

Ride Your Bike

Finally, your pedometer can also be used during bike rides to help you lose weight. Riding your bike is a great activity for individuals who have a hip, knee, or ankle injury, and are forced to participate in low-impact exercise. Check your calories burned after your bike ride for best results when trying to lose weight. When riding your bike, always be sure to wear a helmet. Though this piece of safety equipment can sometimes seem a hindrance, it is essential to ensuring your safety while on the bike.

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