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4 Quick Daily Activities You Can Do for a Toned Stomach

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To achieve a toned stomach on a busy schedule, incorporate a few activities into your daily routine. These are things you can do early in the morning, while walking to work, or in your chair in your office. You can even exercise your abdominals while standing. Here are four quick and easy daily activities you can do for a toned stomach.

Crunches First Thing in the Morning

Toning your stomach doesn't have to take hours of sweat in the gym. One way to give your abdominals a workout is to do a quick set of sit ups when you wake up in the morning. Make it the first thing you do before hitting the shower. On the floor in your bedroom or other part of your home, do a set of crunches. As you get used to this routine every morning, challenge yourself by increasing the number of crunches and doing twists to work out the muscles on the sides of your torso.

Achieve a Toned Stomach While Walking and Working

Another activity that can be considered a form of multitasking is to be conscious of your abdominal muscles when you're walking and sitting. When walking to your car in the morning or to your office from the parking lot, tighten your abdominals while walking with a perfectly straight spine. You can also do this as you're sitting in your chair at work. You might find that when you get in the habit of doing this, you will often do it naturally without thinking about it. Just be sure to breathe naturally as you pull in your stomach muscles.

Sit Your Way to a Toned Stomach

Anytime you find that you have an extra moment during the day--while sitting at home watching television or at your office when no one is looking--you can exercise your abdominals. Sit with an upright spine and your feet on the floor. Make sure the chair is stable. Then tighten your stomach as you lift your feet off the ground. You can do this with bent legs or straight legs.

Another exercise that will work your abdominals while sitting in a chair is to place your hands behind your head and twist from side to side. Reach your elbow to the opposite leg as you lift it off the ground. Be sure to keep your spine as straight as possible during this exercise.

A Standing Abdominal Exercise

Dancers often have very toned stomach muscles because many of the balancing exercises they do require core muscle strength. One dance exercise you can do quickly throughout your day is to stand with your feet together and then lift one leg off of the floor. Try to keep your back straight and your abdominals engaged. As you extend your leg, you will find that your stomach muscles will feel this exercise. Repeat this activity while balancing on the opposite leg.

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