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4 Isometric Exercises to Add to Your Workout

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Isometric exercises don't involve joint movement, and they're aimed at strengthening the muscles. This form of exercise is ideal for increasing resistance and endurance. Though it is mostly considered a form of training for professionals only, anyone can do these exercises to lose weight and improve fitness. You don't have to visit a gym or buy costly equipment to perform isometric exercises. Most of these can be easily done at home or in the office, in just a short period of time. Some isometric exercises that you can include in your daily workout are:

Plank Bridge

Lie down in the push up position and place your elbows under your chest. Rest your body on the floor. Now, the entire weight of your body will be concentrated on your forearms. Push up your body and count to 10 . Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat 2 to 3 times. This is one of the simplest forms of isometric exercises, and it can be performed daily.

Isometric Push Up

Get into the push up position as before and lie down with your arms extended. Lower your body to the halfway position and hold for about 10 seconds or count slowly until 10. This exercise can be repeated for 2 or 3 times, depending on your fitness level. Most isometric exercises are not very tiring, but you must take it slowly if you're a beginner.

Isometric Bicep Exercise

This is the simplest type of isometric exercise, and it can be easily done at the office. Put your hands under the desk and place them against the tabletop, with your palms up. Now, press against the tabletop, keeping your elbows tight against your ribs. Hold your hands in this position for 10 seconds or count slowly until 10, and then repeat 2 to 3 times.

Isometric Shoulder Raises

For this exercise, you will need a pair of dumbbells. Hold one dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Raise both arms upwards from the side until they're parallel to the ground. Hold them in this position for about 10 to 25 seconds, and repeat 2 to 3 times. If you find it difficult to raise both hands at the same time, you can start by raising one hand at a time.

These are some basic isometric exercises that you can do along with your regular workout. Isometric exercises involve application of strength on an immovable object, and therefore, they strengthen your muscles and tone your body. However, you must take adequate precautions. For instance, you must maintain consistent breathing during the exercise, and never hold your breath when you are holding a position for 10 seconds or more. It's important that you have plenty of water during and after a session of isometric exercises.

Since there is no equipment involved, you must make sure that you do a couple of stretching exercises before you start your isometric exercise routine. If you suffer from a disorder such as those that are related to muscles or heart, you must consult a doctor before you attempt any of these exercises.

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