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4 Easy Workouts for People Living with Arthritis

Fitday Editor

If you are suffering from arthritis then there are a number of easy workouts that you can do to improve your health and well-being while making your condition better. Arthritis is a condition characterized by joint inflammation which, in turn, causes stiffness, pain and swelling. When it comes to exercising with arthritis, it's important to focus on improving your flexibility, strength and doing cardiovascular activities.

1. Tai Chi

Tai chi is a low-impact exercise that you can perform in order to boost your flexibility. Tai chi actually falls under the system of kung fu, a popular form of martial arts. If you want to try this exercise then you will have to enroll in a class where you will be instructed by an expert tai chi teacher. Ideally, you should be familiar with tai chi's philosophy before you learn the exercises. Basically, the goal is to block violent force in a gentle manner until that force is redirected or exhausted. Because of its gentle, slow and flowing movements, tai chi is ideal if you are suffering from arthritis. Not only does it offer pain relief, but it can also improve your balance and help you eliminate stress.

2. Yoga

If you are looking to lose weight but your arthritis is preventing you from doing strenuous calorie-burning exercises then you might want to give yoga a try. Living with arthritis usually means constantly stiff and painful muscles. Yoga can remedy this by giving your muscles the stretch they need. The stress-relieving properties of yoga is also quite important. The pain that comes from arthritis can also cause you plenty of mental stress. Aside from being harmful to the health, stress can also drive you to engage in stress eating. Fortunately, yoga focuses on soothing your mind as well as conditioning your body.

3. Isometric Exercise

When you have arthritis, it's also important to do exercises that can boost your muscle strength. Well-built muscles provide joint protection which is crucial if you are suffering from arthritis However, given your condition, you probably can't imagine yourself lifting heavy weights to increase your muscle mass. Fortunately, there are isometric exercises that you can do instead. For instance, to strengthen your shoulder muscles, you can do the isometric shoulder raise. Start by standing with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Slightly bend your knees as well. Holding a light dumbbell in each hand, slowly raise both arms away from your sides until they are parallel to the floor. Hold the position for at least 10 seconds before lowering your arms again.

4. Walking and Other Aerobic Exercises

Cardio or aerobic exercises should also be incorporated in your workout routine. When you engage in aerobic exercises, your body's organs automatically begin to function more efficiently. This leads to improved endurance, stronger bones and muscles and better sleep. If you have been experiencing depression, stress or sleeping difficulty due to your arthritis, then aerobic exercises can help you address these problems. Walking is perhaps the simplest aerobic exercise that you can do. All you need are a good pair of walking shoes to get started. Other low-impact aerobic workouts that you can do are swimming, cycling or dancing.

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