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4 Different Medicine Ball Push Ups

Fitday Editor
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The medicine ball is a common piece of gym equipment that when used properly can provide you with a total body workout that helps develop coordination, balance, power, strength and core stability. Below are several different types of push ups that you can complete with the medicine ball.

Exercise #1: Basic Push Up

The basic push up begins by placing the medicine ball in front of you. You will get into plank position with your hands on the ball and your legs out behind you. Feet should be shoulder-width apart. Essentially, you are in normal push up position except your hands are grasping the medicine ball. Hands should be placed at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock on the medicine ball. Engage your core, bend your elbows and lower your upper body towards the top of the ball. Slowly push yourself back up to starting position.

Exercise #2: Standing Push Up

Begin this exercise by standing 3 to 4 feet from a wall. Place the medicine ball about 4 inches below your shoulder line on the wall. Hold the ball with your right hand against the wall. You can have your left hand pressed flat against the wall, shoulder-width apart, or as a greater challenged, press your left hand against your stomach. Your feet should be wider the shoulder-width apart and you should be raised up onto your toes. While keeping your core engaged, slowly lower your body toward the wall until your elbow is bent 90-degrees, slowly press yourself back out to standing.

Exercise #3: Medicine Ball Walkover

This exercise is similar to the basic push up except it engages many more muscles due to the single arm load and the uneven surfaces. Begin by placing the ball in front of you. Get into plank position, similar to the basic push up, with both hands on the ball and your feet out behind you. Remove your right hand from the ball and set it on the floor to the right of the ball. Shift the weight of your upper body over to your right arm. Slowly bend your elbows and lower your body down towards the top of the ball. Push back up to the starting position and now roll the ball over to your right arm. Shift your weight to your left arm and lower again. That is one repetition.

Exercise #4: Medicine Ball Walking Push Up

As the most advanced exercise on this list, you will need five medicine balls to complete this exercise. Place the five balls in a horizontal row, approximately 2 to 3 feet apart. Begin in basic push up position on the furthest right medicine ball. Remove your left hand and place it on the floor next to the ball, similar to the position of the medicine ball walkover. Now lower yourself and press yourself back up, then move your right hand off the ball, then move your left hand onto the next ball. Perform a push up. Remove your left hand from the ball and move your right hand onto the medicine ball. Perform a push up. Continue down the line until your have worked through each medicine ball.

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