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3 Yoga Positions that Help with Heartburn

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Heartburn is a horrible condition that can be very difficult to deal with. Recently, researchers found that by participating in regular yoga sessions, participants were able to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with this condition. This article discusses three great yoga poses that can help you with heartburn. Be sure to talk with your doctor, nurse, or health care professional before starting a new exercise program, as there may be specific recommendations that they want to be sure you follow.

Warrior II

Warrior II is a great yoga position to help with heartburn because it not only stretches muscles in the chest and therefore helps to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with the condition, but also allows the participant to take deep breaths, which can also be important in the treatment of heartburn. To perform this yoga position, start by standing tall with both feet flat on the floor. Slowly step your left foot back approximately two feet behind your body, and angle your foot so that it is pointing to the wall at a 45 degree angle. Drop your right knee until your right thigh is parallel to the ground. Now carefully rotate your torso that that your shoulders are over your knees. Finally, raise your arms to shoulder height, extending them out from your body. Hold this pose for as least thirty seconds before switching to the other side.

Side Airplane

Side Airplane is another great pose for alleviating heartburn due to its similar properties as Warrior II. To perform Side Airplane, start by rolling your body so that you are resting on your right side. Rest your right elbow on the ground and put your head in your right hand. Alight your body so your left leg is comfortably resting on top of the right. Take a few deeps breaths while in the position. As you exhale your next breath, carefully lift your body off the ground, so that you are resting on your right shoulder and feet. Your body should be in a straight line from your feet up to your shoulders. Finally, carefully extend your left arm, reaching it up to the sky. Hold this pose for at least thirty seconds before switching to the other side.


Finally, corpse is a great pose to end any workout, especially if you suffer from heartburn. Start by lying flat on your back. Relax your legs and feet, allowing them to fall to the sides. Rest your arms by your sides, and let the palms of your hands face up. Close your eyes. Take deep breaths from your abdomen, and try to relax your body as much as possible. Once you feel relaxed, let your feet fall from side to side. Do this for around two to three minutes. Finally, make a fist and slowly begin circling your wrists first in one direction, and then the opposite. Do this for a few minutes as well.

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