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3 Ways to Help You Improve Your Balance

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If you want to improve balance, there are several ways that you can do so. Balance is vital since it belongs to the same category as mobility, core strength and also flexibility. It is something that you want operating at peak performance. While proper balance is a feature that your body needs to operate effectively, many people neglect working on balance. The good news is that if you already work out consistently, then you are already working to improve your balance. However, you can still improve by doing specific actions that target your balance. Improving balance relates both to having the right equipment as well as doing the right exercises.

1. Bongo Board

The Bongo Board is one of the best objects you can utilize to improve your balance. It resembles a skateboard in appearance, with one major difference. It only has one wheel underneath it that you can rotate in any direction. This multi-directional aspect of the wheel lets you use the board both indoors and out. The Bongo Board comes with grippers on the surface so that your feet won't slide off. The aim of the Bongo Board is to get you to keep your balance on its challenging setup. You should be cautioned that the instructions advise you to use a spotter the first few times you get on the board. This is understandable, because the change of trying to balance the first time on this board may be too much for some. As a result, the user may end up falling without a spotter. Some exercises you can perform on the board include push ups, squats and even weight training workouts.

2. Incorporate Balance Exercises

Include balancing exercises into workouts you're already doing, in order to more effectively improve your balance. If you're already doing regular strength-training exercises, then incorporating balancing exercises into those should be a priority. Unilateral exercises (exercises that focus on one extremity at a time) or changing your usual stance while exercising is a proven way of improving all-around balance. A stance that demands more balance is the split stance. Use this stance while working out instead of the wide stance, which is what you likely use most of the time. For one of the hardest stances to use to improve balance, just try standing on one leg.

3. Exercise Ball

An exercise ball requires little effort, yet it comes with the promise of improving your balance. The practicality of an exercise ball is that you can use it to improve balance while doing activities that are not exercise at all. The next time you're watching TV or reading, try to sit on an exercise ball at the same time. You will naturally be forced to work on your balance as you try to remain on the ball. You may even burn off a few calories while you're at it.

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