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3 Reasons You Should Switch Your Workout Routine Every Month

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Your workout routine is a very significant part of your health, especially if you value keeping the weight off and staying fit. Switching workout routines every so often is something that many people do (or at least consider doing), simply because of the belief that it is essential at helping to guard people against injuries. It must also be stressed that this is more belief rather than hard science, as there is no current research to support this belief. Some people also believe that switching up your exercise every month can stop you from hitting a certain plateau, where exercise will cease to be effective. This is not true at all, since athletes like marathon runners only engage in the same form of training (running) consistently, yet they are always improving their endurance. Here are three reasons why you should switch your routine every month

1. Guard Against Injury

While guarding against injury is not 100 percent supported by actual research, common sense still dictates that switching up your workout routine every month or so can lead to a reduced chance of injuring yourself. For instance, if you train repeatedly in such a way that you are running dozens of miles per week, you could very well injure yourself because you're just doing it to excess. So in that case, switching up your workout routine to something that won't be so conducive to being overdone, like walking or exercises with a BOSU ball, will help you prevent injury. Guarding against injury also comes down to knowing your own limits and listening to what your body is telling you, as much as switching around your workout routines.

2. Keep Yourself From Getting Bored

This reason may sound like nitpicking, but if you think carefully about it, it makes all the sense in the world. This reason relates to human psychology, as people who are more interested in any given activity simply perform better and with more enthusiasm at it. This applies to your workout routine because if you lose interest in the same, monotonous routine, you will feel less encouraged to work out. Doing so will naturally lead to poorer health, so to guard against this chain reaction of feeling less enthused about working out, just switch your workout routine every month. If you are concerned about having to always learn something new, then switch to easy activities like bicycling.

3. Increase the Challenge

The final reason for switching your routine every month is to keep pushing yourself to new heights of challenges. After about a month, you will be quite adapted to whatever workout you're doing. You will have learned the basics, which sets the stage perfectly for increasing the challenge factor since your body will then be more prepared to learn and try out new movements in the exercises. Switching up your routine can also be looked at as simply progressing to different stages of the same exercise.

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