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3 Quick and Easy Poses for Yoga at Work

Fitday Editor

Yoga at work is an endeavor that can be somewhat hard to pull off, what with your boss likely breathing down your collar. Therefore, if you really want to sneak in some quick yoga during your workday, you must fall back on easy and quick poses for yoga at work. The next time that you find yourself looking around your cubicle wall or looking outside the door of your office to check if your boss is anywhere near, simply don't. Instead, learn these quick and easy poses for yoga at work, and assume the peace of mind that only comes from doing quick yoga that your boss won't catch you doing.

1. Kamarchakrasana

The Kamarchakrasana Yoga pose is ideal for work because it is easy as pie, does not take a lot of space to do, and does not require complicated or advanced techniques. You can even do this right by your office desk on a small space on the floor. Begin by sitting on the floor with your legs spread in front of you and your back slightly reclined as you support your torso with both of your hands on the ground and your arms stretched straight. Spread both legs out as far as they'll go, and touch your left toe with your left hand and then your right toe with your right hand. After inhaling, exhale as you touch your right hand to your left toe and then touch your forehead to your left knee. As you do this, keep your left hand behind your back. Now, do the same motion, but only with the opposite body parts that you used in the above example. This will constitute one round.

2. Mandukasana

Another easy pose for yoga at work, this one requires that you start off in the vajrasana pose (which is simply sitting on your calves after you have bent your legs at the knees and tucked them under you). Put your left palm on your navel and then put your right palm on your left hand. Press both hands on your abdomen. As you exhale, make sure you bend your forehead forward as if you were trying to touch the ground. Make sure your hands stay on your abdomen. Hold this pose for about 10 to 15 seconds, and then come back to your starting position as you inhale. This is one round.

3. Cobra Pose

This yoga pose demands that you first lie face down on the floor. Ensure your palms touch the floor just beneath your shoulders. Also stretch your legs to keep them straight while your toes are on the ground and your soles point up. From this position, you inhale to raise your chest and head upwards; push down on your hands and make certain that your back's contraction takes this strain. Now hold the Cobra Pose for several seconds as you also hold your breath. Complete one round by exhaling and returning to your position of being face down on the floor.

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