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3 Bodybuilding Exercises to Try Out at Home

Fitday Editor

Bodybuilding exercises are conducive to making your body bigger and developing muscles. Bodybuilding, as enthusiasts of the sport will tell you, provides people with more energy, better sleep, overall better health, and even improved psychological moods. This is in addition to the obvious benefit of making you look better. Bodybuilding is also beneficial in that it is economical and accessible to even private bodybuilders who just like to work out in their home environment. Doing bodybuilding exercises at home is just as useful as working out at the gym. Here are a few bodybuilding exercises that can be done at home.

1. Push-ups

Although push-ups are often taken for granted, they are a fundamental as well as an effective bodybuilding exercise. Because you need no equipment and no fancy training to prepare yourself for push-ups, they are the ideal bodybuilding exercise to try out at home. One of the goals with bodybuilding exercises is to elude injury, so you want to begin your push-up regimen by starting out with knee push-ups to evaluate if you can handle regular push-ups. If you are able to perform more than 20 knee push-ups without a problem, then this is too easy, and you must move on to regular push-ups. Make sure to do a push-up properly, which is defined as doing one push-up all the way down so that your chest touches the ground, and then back up again.

2. Bicep Exercises

Bicep exercises require the use of a barbell, and for at-home-use, you don't even need a huge barbell. Even a lightweight one will do just fine. The most important aspect of barbell bicep exercises is to make sure that your form is proper. If you fail to assume the proper form, then you may as well not do this exercise. Begin with your elbows at your sides and the barbell in your hands. Bring the barbell up all the way so that it reaches your shoulders; exhale as you do. It should take you a time of two seconds to bring the barbell up to its highest position before you bring it down again. When you reach the top of the motion, don't rest; bring the barbell back down in one fluid motion. Again it should take two seconds to bring it down.

3. Ab Crunches

Ab crunches are ideal for at-home bodybuilding because all you need is a flat surface and determination. Lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling. Make sure you don't move your neck or arms as they are at your sides. Only your upper body should be elevated toward the ceiling. Crunches are different from sit-ups, so make certain that the lower back stays on the floor while only the shoulders actually rise up from the floor. Hold the elevated position for a few seconds and then lower your upper body back down. With ab crunches, it is more vital to keep this proper form while performing these exercises, than to perform several crunches inaccurately.

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