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2 Flexibility Workouts for the Inflexible

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Choosing between different flexibility workouts rather than only one will help increase the range of motion for the inflexible. Providing a thorough stretch to multiple muscle groups before a workout offers better muscle function, with the reduction of injury and strain.

Planning for Flexibility

Stretching designed to increase flexibility often involves the use of equipment. Simple stretches performed by one person alone usually offer only a portion of the stretch that machines can provide. Knowing which muscle groups will endure the most work prior to exercising will allow you to select the right equipment to stretch with. Lacking equipment and machines does not hinder the possibilities for inflexible people, and using a partner for stretching provides an alternative used widely in flexibility workout routines. Deciding which muscle groups to stretch so that they will be better prepared for an exercise gives a better idea to those seeking the proper flexibility routine.

Workout #1

Using a standard weighted bar, you can achieve multiple stretches that directly benefit muscle elongation and flexibility. For the inflexible, these stretches don't cause severe stress or strain, but rather offer a fluid range of motion and a thorough set of stretches. Choosing which stretches to combine in what order could vary based on the specific workout planned for after the stretching session. Performing multiple sets of each stretch will ensure that the body will respond well to weightlifting and other exercises.

  • Place a weighted bar of manageable size against the lower back, securing its position tightly by holding it with both hands. Press on the lower region while bending backwards slowly, so that the upper body bends over the bar. Stretching the lower back region will provide a better range of motion and a lesser chance of injury for the inflexible.
  • Use the bar for added resistance by bending over and touching the ground a few inches in front of the feet. Hold on to the bar with a wide grip for more stability, and make sure the legs and knees are locked into a straight position. Stretching in front of the feet and not straight down will provide a more intense stretch for the back of the legs.
  • Rotate the upper body by twisting the hips for a torso stretch.
  • Finish up by lightly running in place, slowly speeding up and raising the knees as high as possible.
Workout #2

Here's a flexibility workout for the inflexible that requires no equipment.

  • Start by lying on the ground face up. Perform a series of leg lifts to strengthen, flex and warm the body core, along with the abs.
  • Sit and extend the legs. Reach for the feet and hold the extended position for a back and leg stretch combination.
  • Stand and perform a series of walking lunges, extending as far as possible with each stride.
  • Finish by jogging in place in intervals, separated by reaching toward the floor and then extending straight upwards.

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