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10 Simple Rules for Faster Fat-Burning

If you're trying to get fit, weight loss isn't what you're really after. No, what you want is fat-burning!

The reason you're overweight is due to your excess body fat. Get rid of body fat, and all that's left is lean body mass—ergo, muscle. That's when you're properly fit and healthy, and you see the body type you're working toward.

But how can you burn fat faster? Adhere to these simple rules, and you'll see the results you want:

Put on upbeat music — Not only will this give you a positive, upbeat mindset when you work out, but it will actually raise your heart rate and push you to work harder.

Shrink your portions — Serve yourself less than you think you'll eat, and stop eating once you've downed that portion. Drink a glass or two of water to end the meal. You'll be far less likely to overeat!

Hit the outdoors — Don't stay in the gym all day every day, but take some of your bodyweight and cardio workouts to the great outdoors. The change of scenery will keep you motivated and enhance your focus.

Start the day out right — And by "right", we mean with plenty of protein! Starting the day with a protein-heavy meal will get your body building muscle first thing in the morning, and you'll be fueled up for your mid-day or late-afternoon workout. Get at least 35% of your daily protein intake for breakfast.

End the day right — Once again, we're talking about protein! A pre-bedtime protein shake (casein protein is ideal) will give your body the amino acids it needs to make repairs as you sleep. Protein before bedtime can increase your muscle synthesis by over 20%!

Relax before working out — Don't head from the office straight to your workout. The stresses of your day can sap your energy, making your workout less than efficient. Instead, take a few minutes (10-20 is all you need) to relax and kick back before gearing up for the workout. You'll be much more energized when it comes time to hit the weights or treadmill.

Give yourself a day off — That means take a day to rest and relax. If you can fit in a solid six days of workout (even just 4 days of hardcore training, 2 days of lighter exercise), you need that day off to give your body time to recover. A rest day can make all the difference in the world!

Lift hard — Cardio is good, but lifting is better! The majority of your workouts should focus on lifting weights, HIIT, and bodyweight training. In fact, if you train right, you won't need a cardio workout--you'll push your body hard enough during your resistance training.

Be active — Fat-burning requires more than just an hour or two at the gym every day. You're going to have to find ways to be more active on the weekend and spend less time sitting around. The more active you are, the more calories you burn even when not working out.

Rest well — Sleep is essential for muscle-building, and it will enhance lean muscle mass. Sneak in a 30-minute nap to prevent a poor night's sleep from slowing down your metabolism.

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