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Exercise Your Upper Body & Core with Pushup Drop Downs

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The Pushup Drop Down is a nice combination exercise if you want to work both your upper body and your core at the same time. You can even get your heart rate up as you increase the speed of the exercise. Required Equipment: just you and a floor!

Step by Step:

1. Start in a high pushup position with your hands directly underneath your shoulders and your knees on the floor. Squeeze your abs and your glutes to keep your knees, hips, and shoulders in a diagonal line. Don't let the hips pop up over or sag below that diagonal line. As you are starting out, hold this position for several seconds to gain strength. (Image 1)

2. Drop down to a forearm plank position, by picking up your right hand and placing your forearm on the floor. Your elbow should be directly underneath your shoulder. (Image 2) Repeat on the left so you are in the forearm plank position. (Image 3) Make sure to keep your abs and glutes tight as your transition to your forearms. You can also hold this position to gain strength.


04_Pushup03.jpg3. Reverse the motion to come back to that initial high pushup position. Pick up your right forearm and place your right hand directly underneath your shoulder and then repeat on the left.


4. As you build strength, transition to doing this exercise on your feet. Make sure your feet, knees, hips, and shoulders are in a diagonal line and you can keep your abs and glutes tight. It's better to maintain your core integrity while doing the exercise on your knees rather than transition to your feet too soon! (Images 4, 5, 6)



Alternate which forearm comes down first and which hand comes up first so you work out both arms equally. Start out slowly to get the right technique for the movement and then increase your speed over time. Your upper body and core will get stronger each time you do the Pushup Drop Down!

Photos by: Andie Baker.

Katy Moeggenberg owns, manages, and instructs at both the Blue Ash Shaolin-Do and Anaya Belly Dance in Cincinnati, Ohio. She's a Kung Fu black belt (4th degree), professional dancer and choreographer, runner, and Yogi. She has enabled a variety of goals for her clients to come true-fine tuning professional dancers' routines, honing martial artists' skills for complex competitions, and empowering clients to lose as much as 100 pounds. She performs dance and Kung Fu over 50 times a year across national venues. In addition, her teaching has been featured and sought after at national dance conventions and NFL cheerleader training camps. Learn more about Katy at

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