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Everything You Need to Know About Thinx, The Period Proof Workout Shorts

Thinx has been disrupting the feminine hygiene market for a while now with panties and underthings for humans that menstruate. The latest innovation is the introduction of period proof training shorts.

Old-school style gym shorts are a flattering look that makes legs longer and booties tighter. But the real miracle is that the shorts promise to “hold up to 2 tampons’ worth.” Plus sweat and whatever else you leak when you move. The shorts have built in undies with four layers of tech to keep you dry and leak free when you’re active.

From all accounts, Thinx are popular with people with lighter periods because they don’t have to worry about leaking or changing. The shorts have fans in marathon runners that don’t want to be bothered with bunching and changing. People with heavier periods tend to be less happy but admit that the concept works and that the undies are good for lighter flow days.

The video that accompanies the product is especially enticing as people prance and move and bend without the shorts and undies riding up. Better yet, the shorts have an additional unique feature that most people's running shorts do not—a pocket, with a zipper! You could use it to store a backup tampon, for just in case, but you probably don’t need it.

The running shorts come with wash instructions that aren’t much more complicated than the way you clean your other delicates—in a mesh bag and the company promises that they won’t mess up the rest of your laundry.

Thinx also has literal period panties and leotards and other inventions to keep you moving even when you’re flowing. And the marketing is very inclusive of all shapes, colors, and identities that find themselves menstruating.

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