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Everything You Need to Know About the Very Pregnant Woman Deadlifting Weights

There's an argument that women who are pregnant should not do too much exercise, especially not anything strenuous like deadlifting weights, but is this an outdated way of thinking?

There is one woman who would definitely answer this question with a "yes" and her name is Emily Breeze Ross Watson. She’s a North Carolina-based personal trainer who decided to compete at the 2016 CrossFit Games Open, deadlifting 155 pounds for 55 reps, when she was 34 weeks pregnant. Her actions were obviously not considered “normal” for a pregnant woman, which is why there was so much hype surrounding her, but according to Shape magazine, if you’ve been doing CrossFit before you’re pregnant, doctors say it’s safe to do it while pregnant — this does depend on every woman and their pregnancy and it's important to see a medical professional first.

Not sure about this? Well, that’s why we're discussing Emily Breeze Ross Watson. She’s already had her son, Bly Rhunar Watson, (who happens to have his own Instagram account) and now she’s pregnant again. Despite being seven months pregnant she has continued to exercise, something which she wants other pregnant women to know is safe to do. This is actually why she has posted her pregnancies and workouts on social media, so that she can battle misconceptions surrounding exercising while pregnant and how it affects the unborn child or mother.

She shared her opinions in an interview with People magazine, saying, “When you’re pregnant you’re so vulnerable, it’s such a hard time, and I was surprised about the lack of support so many women receive.” She added, “I think it’s very outdated information. We do have doctors and grandparents and friends who think that exercising while pregnant is taboo.”

One thing is clear, despite Ross Watson receiving some negative comments and criticism, many of her workout videos are filled with comments about how she is inspiring soon-to-be mothers. These comments include one from emmccrindle who wrote, “I’m 29 weeks pregnant today, and you’re a total inspiration to me! I’ve tried to keep my training going as well — not easy all the time and a lot of modifications, but I completely agree with you that it’s better to do these modified workouts than to sit and do nothing…” and emmawith, who wrote, “Love this!I head into my 3rd trimester this weekend and have all the energy to keep CrossFitting 4-5 times per week. You're a great inspiration@emilybreeze. Thank you!”

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