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Everything You Need to Know About the Hanacure Face Mask

If you’ve been on Instagram in the last few years, then you’re probably familiar with the “old lady mask” that has been making the rounds. The hyper-wrinkled look is the result of using the Hanacure Face Mask, a Korean beauty brand invention that celebrities like Drew Barrymore swear helps keep them young. Based on the popularity and the occasional unavailability of the mask, it seems like Hanacure might just be a cheaper alternative to more expensive products and beauty procedures. Before you search for the mask to try it for yourself, here is what you need to know.

The Hanacure mask sells for over $100 and is worn for 30 minutes. For many people, 30 minutes is an unusually long time to feel your face grow tighter and tighter. So if you are pain adverse or don’t have 30 minutes, then the Hanacure may not be for you. The Hanacure can pull your face in different directions and make it difficult to close your mouth or shut your eyes as it tightens your face.

You need to be patient and follow the directions. The Hanacure kit comes with four separate packages that are mixed together in a specific order. It is then ready to paint on your face.

If you are pale, or very pale, then your face can turn a very bright shade of red that can last for 90 minutes. So you may not want to use the mask before an important occasion or right before you head out the door.

The results last longer than your usual face mask — at least a day rather than a few hours. After the mask comes off, your skin glows (once the potential redness subsides).

Despite all the cracked, “wrinkles” that go around, the Hanacure works best if you don’t crack it. Or save that part until the end when it’s safe to move your face as the mask is coming off anyway.

Overall, the reviews tend to be positive. After all, who hasn’t suffered for 30 minutes in the name of beauty?

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