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Everything You Need to Know About Lush’s Halloween Collection

With Halloween just around the corner most people are planning their outfits and searching for the spookiest decorations to create an evening to remember, but what about your beauty needs? Wait, what?! Turns out LUSH cosmetics has created something we never knew we needed; a Halloween-inspired collection filled with spooky delights.

The line was released on Sept. 15 (they wanted to get people in the spirit early) and includes 12 limited edition items, from soaps to bath bombs. Among these products is a sparkly pumpkin bubble bar, if you to turn your bath into an impressive sparkling creation, an eyeball bath bomb which is set to turn your water red, a purple cyclops bath bomb that’s really more cute than scary, and an ectoplasm solid perfume in a slimy green color, that can also be used to soften your hair!

All in all, the products fall into three categories; there are the bath bombs designed to add some fun to wash time, as well as offer glorious scents of either citrus, a herbal infusion, or black pepper and patchouli. Then there are the bubble bars, which as the name suggests, add bubbles to the water (you simply crumble them under running water). And then you have the soaps, gels, and creams to get you clean and moisturized, although the product that stands out the most here would be Ghost In The Dark, a glow-in-the-dark lemongrass bar designed to moisturize your skin, that comes in the shape of a ghost — you’ll never lose this soap because it’s hard to miss, and it doesn’t get much cooler than this.

If you plan to give these as gifts, there are also cotton knot wraps (an alternative to paper wrapping) which are designed with images of bats, black cats, monster parties, and eyeballs.

There’s no word on how long these items will be available for, but they have been announced as “limited editions.”

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