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Everything You Need to Know About Craig David’s Body Transformation

British singer Craig David has enjoyed a successful career (he also seems to be one of the nicest guys in the business), but for a time his priorities shifted from his music to his body. He underwent a pretty dramatic transformation and became incredibly ripped, and he wasn't shy about sharing topless photos on Instagram—not that fans minded, of course.

It was no secret that David has been working out hard, but he was also taking things a little too far. He became obsessed with exercise, training six days a week with leg, ab and tricep exercises, and so last year he decided to speak about this. He revealed during an interview that he was done posting photos of his abs because he wanted to take a new, healthier approach to fitness: He was doing it for himself, not everyone else.

Recently the "Walking Away" singer gave an interview with Australian breakfast program Sunrise, and admitted that he used to "train like crazy." The reason for this is because growing up he was an overweight child. He told the show, "There was a time when I was like, just training like crazy. But then I realized that having been an overweight kid, I just wanted to do the opposite. Finding the balance was key."

He added, "Because you can take it almost too far sometimes, and then you have to ask the questions of, "who are you trying to get a six pack for?" But he's found that balance now—even affording himself a cheat day when he wants it—because he no longer wants to be incredibly shredded, but rather just to be fit and healthy so that when he performs he can give it his all. I also think there's a message he wants his fans to understand: It's better to be happy and healthy than have admiration for your six-pack on Instagram.

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