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Everything That You Can Do to Get a Flatter Stomach (That Doesn’t Involve Exercise)

Exercise is beneficial for our health, but there are some ways to get a flatter stomach without intense workouts.

It may be easier said than done, but relaxing can help you lose weight. Hear us out, when you’re stressed, your body produces the hormone cortisol, which can have an effect on your digestive system and can make you feel bloated. Try meditation or even light yoga to unwind.

Your posture can have an effect on your stomach, and good posture will make you look slimmer. It will also stimulate your stomach muscles. According to Hello! Magazine, you should sit with your back straight and shoulders back, with both feet placed firmly on the floor.

Some of the weight around your middle section could also be because you are dehydrated. According to Good Housekeeping, dehydration causes your body to store water and can account for up to four excess pounds. While you should always drink enough water, it may also help to drink coffee which is a natural diuretic and can rid you of excess water weight, also, caffeine stimulates the gut.

Go easy on the gum! According to Good Housekeeping, researchers at the American College of Gastroenterology have noted that eating gum causes you to swallow air, which can bloat you.

Sleep plays an important role in your body’s metabolism, and a lack of sleep can slow it down, therefore slowing down how many calories you burn. If you want your metabolism to work normally, don’t skip the shut-eye.

What you eat matters, and there are some foods and drinks that cause bloating. For example, too much sodium can cause bloating. The same goes for sugary snacks, milk and soda, cruciferous veggies, and processed foods. You should also avoid drinks like beers, because the bubbles, and calories, can cause bloating and weight gain. Reader’s Digest also notes that alcohol can result in too much bad bacteria in the stomach and cause gas.

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