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Who Should Use a Vibration Plate?

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The vibration plate is a relatively new addition to the fitness toolkit. This stand-alone structure helps users work the body and, according to testimonials and some studies, shed pounds while getting fitter and leaner. But the principle behind the vibration plate is not like the traditional ideas behind fixed or free weight machines, ellipticals, treadmills or other similar large gym machines. The vibration plate is a specific kind of fitness aid that functions in a more complex way.

How the Vibration Plate Works

In a session with a vibration plate, the user stands on a platform and grasps a set of handles. The platform element oscillates rapidly, and the user's body shakes. This kind of shaking is, in the opinion of some biology experts, therapeutic to the body and conducive to a range of health benefits. Some trainers explain the vibration plates this way: during the session, the shaking of the body results in specific muscle challenges that the body responds to when the session is over. That means that the benefits of the vibration plate are in some senses "secondary" - they don't rely on building muscle through simple resistance challenges, or burning fat through aerobics. For this reason, the primary "audience" for the vibration plate is a specific kind of clientele, that may be looking for a unique set of solutions for fitness improvements.

Some Frequent Vibration Plate Users

One group of people who use the vibration plate technologies to stay trim are, in a word, professionals. Celebrities of all stripes have dabbled in vibration plate therapy, from well-known actresses, to models and athletes who need their bodies to stay in a certain shape for practicing their livelihood. Some of these kinds of vibration plate users swear by the technology for preventing weight gain.

Other vibration plate users may be coming from a kind of last resort scenario. Those who have tried a simple power workout or strength and endurance training schedule and find that it's not enough to produce the desired weight loss may add the vibration plate to their fitness menu in hopes of boosting their body capacity up to the levels needed to drop the weight for good.

Does a Vibration Plate Take Pounds off?

There have been studies that show increases in improvements for some who use vibration plates toward weight loss goals. However, many trainers and others are quick to point out that vibration plates, without an accompanying strength and endurance training regimen, are not likely to help users see any significant weight gains. In the complex equation that includes diet, physical activity and more, vibration plate therapy is only a small part of what factors into whether an individual will see profound weight loss and muscle toning. That means those who sign onto vibration plate training out of the desire to get "something for nothing" will usually be disappointed. Those who are best served by vibration plates are those who are willing to do all of the work that needs to go into dropping pounds, staying healthy and investing in a leaner, fitter body.

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