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Mini Exercise Steppers: Portable and Effective

Fitday Editor
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The mini exercise stepper is an exercise device that is particularly appealing to people who have two concerns on their mind. One, they like to stay indoors for their exercise, especially if where they happen to live does not offer the availability of walking trails or conveniently located gyms. Two, their homes are constrictive on space. If you fit the general description of these two criteria, then you may want to seriously consider investing in a mini exercise stepper for all your workout needs. Many department stores, specialty stores and fitness stores sell the mini exercise stepper. If you want to work off pounds by way of burning a good number of calories, the mini exercise stepper is a fine candidate.

Low Impact Aerobic Exercise

The purpose of the mini exercise stepper is to make it possible for you to do a low-impact aerobic exercise in a very small space. So instead of going outside and running for long distances at a moderate rate, or even playing tennis with almost constant activity, you can just set up your mini exercise stepper in a corner of a room at your home and get in your aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is generally defined as exercise which aims to improve your oxygen system. In fact, the word "aerobic" means "with oxygen." The term refers to how your body uses oxygen in its energy-producing process. For you to achieve the correct version of an aerobic exercise on your mini exercise stepper, you must use it for an extended period of time, generally with few or, ideally, no breaks at all.


While there are different models, price ranges and manufacturers of mini exercise steppers, they all generally come with the following features. Better models come with LCD displays which show a number of important statistics that you should keep track of during your exercise. Some of these statistics include total count, your calories and the time of exercise. Some models also include exercise bands; these provide you with the option of doing an upper body workout at your own convenience. There are also different speed settings which you should use as you grow more comfortable with the machine. Higher speed settings allow you to increase your movement and number of steps while on the machine, thereby allowing you to burn more calories.


The mini exercise stepper was designed to be as compact as it is because the makers had portability on their minds. This exercise machine was made to be brought to places where you normally don't have the luxury of fitting in a necessary workout. A primary example of places like this is your place of work. You can just take your mini exercise stepper with you in the car and then break it out at the office during your lunch break or at other times.

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