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How to Use and Choose the Right Kettlebell

Fitday Editor
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A kettlebell is a weight that's about the size of a bowling ball. It's made from cast iron and features a single handle at the top. It can weigh anywhere from 2 to over 100 pounds. In Eastern Europe, kettlebells are used regularly in strength training.

Women and Men and Beginners

Women who are not used to exercising should start off with a kettlebell that weighs about 13 pounds. This sounds quite heavy, but it is actually the right weight for a beginner. Someone with a little more training or a woman who is in pretty good shape can go a little higher-- up to about 16 or 17 pounds. If you are in very good shape and visit the gym on a regular basis, you can get up to a 26 pound kettlebell.

Generally, a man of average size will usually start out with a 35 pound kettlebell and then progress to one that weighs about 50 pounds. This may be difficult for him to lift, but it becomes far easier as training progresses. Some men even move to the kettlebell that weighs about 70 pounds. This is a pretty extreme weight for most men, but with considerable training it can be accomplished.

There are many exercises that can be performed with a kettlebell, but you have to learn the basics before you can move on to those. You need to feel comfortable with this strange little piece of equipment first.


The kettlebell swing: This basic movement for beginners to learn. You stand with your legs apart to shoulder width, bend at the knees and grip the handle of the kettle bell with both hands. Now swing the kettle bell into the air in front of you and let it drop down without allowing it to touch the floor. Repeat this movement 5 times.

The kettlebell push press: This is exactly like a push press using a dumbbell except that it might feel a little awkward to you at first. Start by holding the kettlebell with one hand. Position it next to your shoulder, bend slightly at the knees and push it up. Use your leg for additional drive. Slowly bring the kettle bell back to your shoulder and repeat.

Learn these basic exercises before you attempt anything else. You should always work with someone who has mastered the art of kettlebell exercising.

Training with a kettlebell can be fun and addicting. If you have ever done dumbbell exercises and enjoyed them, you will find that kettlebell training will give you a much better workout. You can do anything with a kettlebell that you have done with the dumbbell, but with much better results. The fact that you can put the kettlebell out of sight in any small space makes it an ideal piece of exercise equipment.

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