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How to Use a Stair Climber

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A stair climber is a great exercise machine for people who are looking to strengthen and tone their legs while getting a cardiovascular workout. But good stair climbers are expensive and not meant for upper body workouts. Also, the manner in which you use the stair climber matters significantly. For example, people tend to have poor posture when they hold onto the handles and lean forward. This may result in back pain and sore wrists. Fortunately, the following tips will help you to use the machine correctly and effectively.

Hand Placement

Rest your hands lightly on the bars in front of you or on the side. Your grip should be fairly weak. If you must grip or hang onto the railing more, you should decrease the machine's resistance. The railing should only be used for balance. Also, never reverse your wrists on the railing so that your fingers are pointing towards the floor.


Proper posture is also crucial to the machine's effectiveness. Stand upright and slightly lean your hips forward. This very slight lean will prevent your lower back from overarching and keep your knees from locking.

Stepping Form

Make deep and even steps. If you feel like your hopping slightly on the machine, replant your feet to take deeper steps. The entire sole of your foot should be touching the pedal each time. This proper technique will increase the number of calories you burn, resulting in greater weight loss and stronger leg muscles. It will also prevent your calf muscles from overworking. You always want to tone your leg muscles evenly.

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