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At the Gym: Proper Elliptical Machine Use and Etiquette

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Elliptical machines are sometimes referred to as cross trainers or elliptical trainers. A machine that is stationary and utilized for the purpose of simulating either running or merely walking, elliptical machines do not put as much pressure on your joints when you use them. A direct result of using this machine is that you should be able to cut down on the chance of developing injuries that are of an impact nature. Users of elliptical machines are completely in charge of the resistance preferences set on the machine and, as such, are able to change up the intensity of the non-impact cardiovascular workout, that is a characteristic of the machine, from low to high.

Proper Position of Feet

When you get on an elliptical machine, you will want to place your feet on the pedals in such a way that their insides are even with the inside edges of the pedals. It also is no concern if your feet are nearer to the back or front of the foot beds, so long as your hips are lined up evenly from the beginning.

Pelvis-Abdominal Position

Proper positioning of your pelvis and your abdominals is important, and that involves pushing your pelvis forward while at the same time pulling your abdominals into your back. The whole point of this pelvis position is to establish a neutral spine position, a fundamental need in all effective exercise movements. This neutral position will also limit the strain that your back will endure during this workout.

Arm Position

Once on the elliptical trainer, pull both of your shoulders down while also pulling them back as you grip the handles of the elliptical machine. Remember to keep a subtle bend in your elbows. During this entire time, you should double check your position to ensure that your shoulders and hips are still facing to the front.

Exercise Movement

Good movement while working out on an elliptical machine depends on a simultaneous movement of your arms and your legs. To guard against wildly flailing about or bouncing around on the machine, adjust the tension setting. The aim is to keep your movements smooth while at the same time fluid. When you start bouncing around, it is time to increase the machine's resistance setting.

Proper Etiquette

Etiquette while using the elliptical machine can be considered almost as important as its proper usage. Failure to follow this etiquette may result in you being the victim of dirty looks from the other gym attendees. Some of the basics include constant use of deodorant since you will be sweaty on the machine while using it. Another good rule of etiquette is to ensure that you wear clothing that is not tight or revealing, as hardly anyone would like to see flashes of your body parts as you work out on the machine.

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