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An Introduction to the Seated Cable Row

Fitday Editor
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The seated cable row is an exercise machine that you can use not only to target some of your muscles, but also for therapeutic reasons. You may get a benefit in the way of posture correction and the improvement of shoulder-muscle balance. If a V-shaped back is one of your goals from exercise, then the seated cable row is just the piece of equipment that may help you achieve this. A big attraction for contemporary exercisers is that the seated cable row is very easy to use, unlike other pieces of exercise equipment. You also have a choice of how to perform your seated rows: by a weighted cable machine, a resistance band or a seated row machine.

Body Parts That Get the Workout

An all-around compound exercise, the seated cable row is very good at exercising your muscles in both the middle back as well as the arms. More specifically, it works out your back muscles, your latissimus dorsi, your upper arm muscles and your forearms. Depending on the number of repetitions you use during a workout with the seated cable row, you can emphasize either building up your muscles or simply toning them. If you want to build up your muscles, you will perform fewer repetitions in each set you perform, but if you want to just tone your muscles, you should do more reps in each set.

Proper and Safe Use

Proper and safe use on the seated cable row comes down to watching yourself, especially if you have had prior lower back problems or shoulder issues. To use this machine safely, you must make sure that your back is very straight; this is a rule that applies to many sorts of exercise machines. You can, however, permit a small degree of flexibility at your hips to get a full motion range from the exercises. Be sure to squeeze your shoulder blades tightly together when doing exercises on the seated cable row machine. This helps to protect against injuries during such pulling exercises for your back. Do not clash the weights on the seated cable row. To avoid this potential problem, simply return the weight when it is under tension to its original position.

Types of Exercises

A type of exercise is your basic seated row. On a horizontal cable row machine, you sit with your feet flat and your chest contacting its chest pad. Grasp the handles while straightening your arms. Pull the handles to your chest, all the while keeping your elbows close to your sides. The exercise finishes when you slowly return your arms to the starting position. Another exercise targeting your abdominals involves you pulling the handle towards your abdomen. You must keep your chest out during this motion as well as keeping your shoulder blades squeezed. Finish the repetition by keeping your back straight as you return the handle to its original position.

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