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5 Activities Using an Exercise Stepper

Fitday Editor

The exercise stepper is a fun way to lose weight and get fit. You can add it to your exercise plan to tone and strengthen the muscles in your lower body. The original exercise stepper began as an aerobics step. It was simple in design, easy to handle and convenient. Today, there are steppers to fit your every need. Most are portable and easily put away after you use them. Some steppers are computerized, while others are large and take up space. If you're thinking of adding a fun routine to your workout, then consider these five activities using an exercise stepper:

1. Aerobics

Aerobics is always a good way to lose the pounds. Adding an aerobic step into any cardiovascular routine is both beneficial to your health and fun. Aerobics is designed to help you become heart healthy while getting in shape. A step routine increases your body's endurance. You also tone your legs, thighs and buttocks by using an exercise stepper. Consider joining an aerobics class at your gym. Some classes use steppers in their routines.

2. Hand Weights

Hand weights help increase muscle tone in your biceps and triceps. You can incorporate any type of stepper into the exercise to get an all-over body workout. This type of exercise also provides you with strength and endurance. You tend to work harder when you have weights in your hands. Remember to use small hand weights to minimize injury.

3. Interval Training

Interval training requires you to use several exercises or equipment to speed up and lower your heart rate. It's a good activity to do while using an exercise stepper. Any type of stepper is perfect for this training. You can spend 15 minutes on a bicycle, 10 minutes on a treadmill and another 15 minutes on a stepper. You burn more calories and fat by increasing your heart rate. Each time you use the stepper, your heart rate decreases. A stepper has a lower intensity level than a bicycle or treadmill. Once you've completed your time on the stepper, speed up your heart rate with the bike or treadmill.

4. Twist

A twist stepper is fast becoming a popular way to lose inches around your waistline. This type of stepper uses a twisting motion to strengthen, tone and burn fat in your midsection. You tone and slim your entire lower body from the waist down. Some twist exercise steppers come with resistance bands. These add the benefits of toning your arms as well.

5. Stability Ball

A stability ball is a great way to increase abdominal and arm strength. Whenever you use an aerobics exercise step, you can add the stability ball into the routine. The benefits of a low impact cardiovascular exercise and stability ball helps you strengthen your entire body.

The exercise stepper is a popular low impact way to get into good physical shape. Smaller steppers are perfect for tight spaces and exercising at work. The larger steppers are more advanced and make great additions to any gym.

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