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4 Places to Build Muscle Using Your Hand Grip

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Hand grips are great pieces of exercise equipment that are small enough to be usable in a variety of different settings. Some great places to use your hand grips to increase muscle mass are listed below. Be sure to follow some basic guidelines in each of these locations for best results.

1. At the Office

One of the best places that you can build muscle while using your hand grip is at the office. Using your hand grip can be especially effective during brainstorming meetings, while on a conference call, or while performing other types of similar tasks that don't require two hands to complete. Be sure to talk with your manager or department head before using your hand grip at the office. While more and more companies are beginning to understand the importance of keeping their employees healthy, and thus will more than likely encourage physical activity, it is essential that they are aware of your behaviors before they begin.

2. While Watching TV

Another great place to build muscle while using your hand grip is while watching TV. For best results, use your hand grip during the commercials only, and use the regular programming period as your rest period from exercise. Be sure to switch hands at the end of each commerical in order to achieve optimal results. Since many commericals today usually range in length from 20 to 30 seconds, you will still be getting a substantial workout in on each hand before you much switch the hand grip over.

3. While Walking the Dog

Your hand grip can also be used successfully to build muscle while walking the dog. Using the hand grip while walking your dog means that you will only have one hand with which to hold the leash. Thus, for best results with this technique, be sure that your dog is well trained and will not be likely to pull away from you. In addition, you may want to walk your dog in an area that is free from distractions and is relatively enclosed. A local park is a great, safe place to walk your dog while using a hand grip to build muscle.

4. On Car Rides

Finally, using your hand grip during long car rides is not only a great way to build more muscle mass, but also can help to make the ride go by much faster. Obviously, with this technique, you can only use the hand grip when you are a passenger and never the driver. If you are on a long car ride that will require you and your companion to switch drivers at specific times, avoid using the hand grip. It will cause muscle fatigue in your forearms, which can be very dangerous if you are later required to drive the car.

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