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4 Benefits of a Bowflex

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Bowflex is presently one of the most popular exercise equipment brands in the world. Almost everybody in the US has seen the company's famous infomercials, which are so captivating that Bowflex has become a household name. Bowflex's innovative designs and features have made exercising more convenient and rewarding for numerous fitness enthusiasts, and it is widely regarded as the ultimate brand for home fitness equipment.

Here are 4 benefits of a Bowflex:

1. Convenience and Durability

The Bowflex is much lighter than conventional equipment that uses weight stacks, and it can be moved around without much effort and folded for easy storage. As such, you do not need to dedicate an area in your home for permanent installation. It also allows you to do all the exercises that you normally do in the gym. This means that you can get a complete workout without having to waste time and effort traveling to the gym. Bowflex home gyms are also made from durable materials, and they can function effectively for many years.

2. Safety

The Bowflex comes with high-tech Power Rods, which make it possible for you to move smoothly and without interruption when you are doing your exercises. This is especially important because it can prevent injuries in the connective tissues and joints. Also, Power Rods are light, and they eliminate the risk of injuries that may result from adding plates and picking up weights from the floor.

3. Complete Workout

With a Bowflex home gym, you will be able to do circuit training with a single machine. The system allows you to train any part of your body, including your abs, chest, arms and legs. You can also change the setup in between your exercises, so that you will not lose any fat burning benefits. Some of the exercises that you can perform on a Bowflex are front lat pulldowns, seated ab crunches, leg curls, bicep curls, shoulder presses, seated rows, bench presses, leg extensions and chest flies. The resistance can be controlled while you are exercising, and this enables you to gain more muscles and burn more fat. Also, training with a Bowflex will give you toned and lean muscles.

4. Better Results in a Shorter Time

One of the main reasons why Bowflex is so popular is because it can help people achieve better results in a shorter time. This is especially important for busy people who cannot find enough time to workout on a regular basis. If you are training with a Bowflex, you do not need to train everyday to get the results you want. By doing a 20-minute workout three times a week, you will see significant changes in your body in six weeks' time. According to a survey conducted on those who followed this schedule, women lost an average of 18 pounds of fat, and men experienced an average loss of 28 pounds.

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