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3 Types of Resistance Bands for Your Fitness Goals

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Resistance bands are used primarily because of two reasons. They are ideal for taking on the road with you for quick exercise as you are traveling, due to their portability, and they are an effective way of incorporating more variety into your otherwise mundane workout routine. One possible dilemma with resistance bands it that many people may not be comfortable with using them or entirely confident about using them. This is largely due to the fact that resistance bands work in much the same way that cable machines do. They permit you to keep consistent tension on the muscle which you are working out. Here are three types of resistance bands that can help with your fitness goals.

1. Fit Tube Resistance Bands

The first type of resistance band for your fitness goals is known as the fit tube resistance band. It is characterized by its heavier style of construction. It is usually made from heavy duty latex rubber that features plastic handles on each end for secure gripping. In most cases, a typical model of this kind of resistance band gives consumers the option to choose among five various modes of resistance. Many models of fit tube resistance bands come with attachments for any door, so that you can exercise by attaching one end to a door and then choosing to alternate between either of your hands to build your muscles. The range of these fit tube resistance bands is quite good, so that you can get a decent workout for both your upper and lower body.

2. Clip Tube Resistance Bands

The second kind of resistance band that can help you along nicely in your fitness goals is the clip tube resistance band. This type has slightly more accessories than the fit tube resistance band, since it comes with ankle cuffs along with the plastic handles at opposite ends. The material used to make clip tube resistance bands is rubber latex. This type really lets you expand the places where you can use this piece of equipment, as you can now take it to the office or even on vacation. The clip tube resistance band includes door attachments, and it can also be used in one of two ways. You can use this resistance band on its own, or you can hook it up with another resistance band to challenge you with even more levels of resistance.

3. Flat and Thin Resistance Bands

The final type of resistance band is either the flat or thin one. You can identify these easily by their length, which comes out to about four feet. If your exercise goals are to work out your ankles or training your lower body, then this is the type of resistance band that you want to buy. Look for special color-coding on it to determine what kind of level of resistance it offers.

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