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3 Shake Weight Exercises for Men

Fitday Editor
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The Shake Weight is a new exercise fad that has been garnering a decent amount of media attention (both favorable and unflattering) since it came into prominence in early 2010. While it initially was marketed towards women who had a fixation with wanting to tone and build up their arm muscles, the Shake Weight has since been expanded to now also cater to men who want to build up their upper body and arms. The Shake Weight is a dumbbell that has been modified. It produces a vibrating effect that will work out your muscles. It uses dynamic inertia to improve your muscle activity by greater than 300 percent over traditional weights.

1. Two-Handed Shake

This is the most basic use of the Shake Weight for men. It takes absolutely no imagination and no special equipment other than you, your two hands, and the Shake Weight. Firmly plant both of your feet on the ground for good support, and then strongly hold the Shake Weight in your hands with one hand slightly higher than the other in the center of the Shake Weight. With a good amount of force, begin to shake the Shake Weight in a rapid-yet-controlled fashion, ensuring that the repetitive motions begin to exercise your arms and, eventually, your upper body also.

2. One-Handed Shake

The one-handed shake is an exercise using the Shake Weight that is a derivative of its original, two-handed method. This time, with merely one hand wrapped firmly around the center of the Shake Weight, bend your elbow at its crook so that you are making a 90 degree angle with your arm. To start this exercise, begin by first gently shaking the Shake Weight in your hand and then building up speed. What you want to be able to do is eventually build up so much dynamic inertia that your whole arm (especially your bicep) feels the burn from your rapid, back-and-forth motions from shaking this dumbbell. The great thing about rapidly shaking the Shake Weight is that you also get to build up your upper body by strengthening your core.

3. Two-Handed Behind-the-Head Shake

This is the Shake Weight exercise for men that you want to try if you are already comfortable with handling the Shake Weight in your hands from the first two exercises. A more advanced exercise, the two-handed behind-the-head shake involves you simply gripping the Shake Weight strongly in both hands as you extend both of your arms so that you are dangling the Shake Weight behind your head. With confident and steady motions, begin to shake your modified dumbbell so that you really feel the burn from the effect this exercise has, especially on your core muscles, which are in your lower back and abdominals. The exercise is designed to firm and tone your muscles and with frequent use you will begin to see results.

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