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3 Exercises for Women with the Shake Weight

Fitday Editor
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The Shake Weight is one of the newest exercise crazes to hit the scene recently. The Shake Weight is essentially a modified dumbbell which produces an effect involving vibration. Your arm muscles get a workout as a result of this vibration. Weighing about 2.5 pounds, the Shake Weight for women employs a newly invented technology by the name of dynamic inertia. The manufacturers promise that women will see results by using the weight for just six minutes a day. The Shake Weight uses a vibration plate technology, which is a form of vibration that makes your muscles both relax and then contract at rates of several times a second. This increased rapidness of the vibration is supposed to improve the impact of your workout. Here are 3 exercises for women with the Shake Weight.

1. Arm Swings

Although this is supposed to be an advanced exercise that you can use with your brand new Shake Weight, Arm Swings are very straightforward to learn. All you need to do is stand in a lunge position with one foot in front and the other one behind. Take care that your front leg is bent and that your heels are on the ground. Take your right arm and swing it upwards while holding the Shake Weight. Continue to swing your right arm up until you feel it reach its limit in your shoulder joint. Finish the motion by bringing your arm back down. Ensure good breathing by taking care to breathe in during the upswing and breathe out on the downward motion of your arm. You can also increase the speed of your swings for an extra challenge.

2. Full Arm Circles

This exercise requires that you stand in the same lunge position as with the Arm Swings, but now your goal is to make backward circles with your arms as you hold onto the Shake Weight. Like with Arm Swings, when doing Full Arm Circles, you must breathe in every time your arm goes up and breathe out when it comes down again. You should increase the speed of your motion until you start feeling some tingling in your fingertips. At this point, your hand should be very red as it is now full of blood. Increased blood flow is beneficial for circulation reasons, and increased blood flow also brings with it nutrients to your hand. After several repetitions of this exercise, you should put the Shake Weight down and hold your hand above your head and shake it to make the blood runs down again.

3. Basic Use

While the above exercises with the Shake Weight were more advanced because they incorporated additional movements into the usage of a Shake Weight, you can always fall back on the most basic way of using the Shake Weight. Simply grasp the Shake Weight firmly and strongly in between both of your hands and then start rapidly shaking the Shake Weight to get the blood flowing to your hands and arms. This influx of blood results in the bringing of nutrients to your muscles while also removing impurities.

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