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Dog Owners Take More Photos of Their Pet Than Their Significant Other, Here’s Why

Dogs are man’s best friend, right? So why wouldn’t we want to take multiple photos of our adorable pet and the sweet, and often hilarious, things that they do?! But have you ever stopped to think about how often you snap photos of your furry friend, yet your significant other seldom gets the same treatment? This is the topic of a study conducted by Rover (a site that connects pet sitters and dog walkers with dog owners) titled The Truth About Dog People, which takes a look into the “psyche of modern dog owners.”

The site notes that 54 million households in the United States have a dog, and this number is on the rise as people “embrace the humanization of pets and seek to bring their dogs as much joy as their dogs bring them.” Pet owners who took part in the research indicated that some of them make up songs to sing to their dogs, more than half of them would end a relationship if their dog disapproved of their partner, and 65 percent admitted to taking more photos of their dog than of their significant others. That’s not all, almost half (47 percent) of participants felt it was harder to leave their dog for a week than it was to leave their human partner.

Most modern pet owners also consider their dog to be part of the family, with 94 percent agreeing to this statement. Keeping this in mind, it should then not be unexpected that 78 percent want to include their dog in big moments like proposals and weddings, and 56 percent will greet their beloved pooch before even acknowledging other members of the family.

No one can ever make you feel ashamed that your photo library is mostly filled with photos of little Rufus or Max, and according to Rover, you are not alone! “Young Americans are less likely to be homeowners or parents than previous generations, but one category they lead in, is pet ownership. They shower their dogs with attention and splurge on expensive gifts because their dog is their best friend, and they want to be their dog’s best friend too,” Brandie Gonzales, pet lifestyle expert for Rover said. “Dog people are deeply concerned about their dog’s feelings and well-being. And we’re seeing that reflected in everything from how people name their dog to what they feed them, and the type of pet care they prefer.”

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