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Does What You Eat Affect Your Fertility?

Could the reason you can’t get pregnant be your diet? Does food really influence your fertility? Find out here.

When you were younger, pregnancy was something that probably scared you. You took every measure you could to prevent a pregnancy as it seemed like it was all too easy to wind up in that situation.

But when it comes time to actually try and get pregnant, you may find that the struggle is real. More people struggle to conceive than you may think, and when you’re without a baby but want one, you would do just about anything to make it happen.

Could your diet be to blame? As it turns out, it very well could be. What you eat can influence your fertility, so let’s talk about this subject a little further.

Total Calorie Intake

Perhaps the biggest influence over your fertility will be your total calorie intake. If you are looking to get pregnant, now is not the time to go on some super intense diet plan.

When you diet, you are essentially sending the signal to the body that there is a shortage of incoming energy. The body sees this as a real threat to its survival and is going to shut down all processes that are not life-sustaining. As your body is simply worried about keeping itself alive, the last thing it wants is to also have to keep a growing baby alive.

Especially for women, low-calorie diets will rob you of your fertility. Keep in mind it can take some after coming off a low-calorie diet to get things moving again as well so plan in advance. If you are someone who is always dieting but you want to get pregnant in a few months, stop that diet now. It could take a few months for your body to normalize.

And if you currently aren’t having menstrual periods (as they often go when intense diets are implemented), you really want to focus on getting that back as fast as you can. Without a period, you simply won’t get pregnant.

Nixing The Low Carb Diet Plans

Another thing you want to avoid is very low carb diet plans. While total calorie intake is the most important factor, total carbohydrate intake also plays a role. As carbohydrates are the primary energy-providing nutrient in the body, when you don’t have enough, this can also disrupt your fertility levels.

So go ahead and have that serving of rice along with your chicken or indulge in a piece of toast with your eggs at breakfast. If you want to keep your fertility up, this will do you a lot of good.

Not Avoiding Dietary Fat

Dietary fat is also something that must not be avoided, for men or for women. Dietary fat is important for the generation of the sex hormones — testosterone and estrogen, which are responsible for keeping the reproductive systems healthy.

When your dietary fat intake begins to drop too much, this is when fertility problems are typically seen.

Many women who suffer from infertility have reported good effects on getting pregnant after introducing full-fat dairy into their menu particularly, so that’s something to consider. While you may not want to feast on ice cream as that’s also loaded with simple sugars (which is not ideal for fertility), you should dish up some full-fat yogurt, Greek yogurt, or even consider drinking some homo milk from time to time.

Loading Up On Zinc If You’re A Man

Finally, if you’re a male looking to boost his fertility, zinc is something that you’ll want to take in regularly. Zinc plays a critical role in sperm production and men who are deficient in zinc normally also show decreased testosterone levels.

Testosterone is closely associated with both sperm production as well as the ability to have an erection and thus get a woman pregnant, so you’ll want to be doing all you can to optimize your levels.

Great zinc-rich foods include oysters, beef, chicken, and leafy greens.

So keep these nutrition points in mind if you hope to get pregnant. By looking after your diet, you may just have greater success at having that baby that you desire.

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