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Do Different Types of Alcohol Give You Different Types of Hangovers?

We all know that drinking too much is never a good idea, but if you’re going to overindulge then it’s best to know that different types of alcohol produce different hangovers, and some are much worse than others.

According to Metro, if you want to reduce your chance of developing a hangover the next morning, then it’s best to drink clear alcohols like vodka, gin, and sake. This was revealed in a study by the British Medical Association, who found that drinking vodka, in particular, was your best chance of not feeling awful the next day. The reason is that it contains fewer congeners, an impurity in alcohol that is created during fermentation.

However, it’s not just the alcohol you choose but also the mixer, as Metro notes that you should avoid anything too sugary or carbonated, which can bloat the stomach, as well as empty it faster. This absorbs the alcohol faster and increases dehydration and blood alcohol content.

Then on the other end of the scale, the alcohols that are bound to worsen your hangover are those that are darker in color. Nutritionist Kristen Beck told that “there’s evidence to say that darker-colored drinks (red wine, bourbon) are more likely to cause hangovers.” The reason for this is the higher number of congeners contained in these beverages.

Champagne and other drinks with bubbles are also bad because of the carbon dioxide found within the drink, which increases the rate of absorption into the bloodstream.

According to New York Times, cheap red wine is a big culprit of a headache, although wines in general vary depending on where they were produced and if it was a bad season (caused by climate change), which could create a higher risk of a hangover. Metro notes that white wine is typically better than red wine, and this is because of the difference in tannins, which increase the risk of a headache.

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