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The Aerobic and Anaerobic Benefits of Surfing

Fitday Editor

Though you might not think of it as being a great workout, surfing is actually terrific exercise if you are looking for aerobic and anaerobic benefits. It is one of the reasons that the motions involved with surfing have actually been turned into classes at gyms all across the companies. You don't need a surfboard to participate and you don't even need to know how to surf. Rather, you have to be willing to try a range of new motions and movements that will help fine tune your body. Here is how surfing class can help you get into better shape aerobically and strengthen some of your core muscles anaerobically.

Aerobic Benefits of Surfing

If you've ever watched surfers out in the water, you probably have seen that they spend a lot of their time not riding waves but paddling out to the waves, staying afloat and moving around. This may not look particularly difficult from land, but surfing actually provides a great aerobic workout because it keeps you moving. If you take a surfing class at the gym, you will be required to keep moving constantly as if you are actually in the water. Or, if you choose to actually surf, you will understand just how taxing it can be to stay active in the water. Aerobically, surfing is beneficial because it keeps your heart rate up, keeps your breathing heavy and forces your body to deliver oxygen to your muscles. This will help you to get into better shape over time. You'll be able to stay afloat longer and your heart rate will not be as high once your body gets used to surfing (or participating in a surfing course). This is how surfing can provide an anaerobic workout.

Anaerobic Benefits of Surfing

Outside of helping you out aerobically, surfing can also provide an anaerobic workout that helps you build strength. While treading water is a great cardio workout, many of the movements that result in you actually surfing are actually anaerobic exercises. From standing up on your board by forcing your body upwards to kicking your feet as hard as you can and paddling to "catch a wave," you are putting a lot of stress on your muscles and forcing them to work harder than usual. This can help you strengthen everything from your abdominal muscles to your calf muscles when you surf. The quick-hitting motions that you make while surfing are the biggest anaerobic benefits of doing it.

Start Surfing

Whether you live next to the beach or in the middle of the country, you can try surfing now and get many of the results listed above. Because so many people have found out that surfing can have huge aerobic and anaerobic benefits, gyms have found ways to incorporate surfing classes right into their normal curriculum. You don't need to be shy about trying them out. The classes focus more on the movements involved with surfing. But you can still use surfing to improve your balance, strengthen your core muscles, lose weight and get your body back into shape. The benefits of surfing can help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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